Kicking ass since 2010

Cablai was founded in 2010 as a design agency, but recently evolved into a music promotion agency. As we realized that it was the music-related assignments that inspired our best work and fed our spirit. At the same time, we’d grown tired of seeing instantly forgettable artwork and the same old marketing tricks being used to launch albums that deserved better. So we made it our mission to pour all our passion into helping artists with their branding and visual presentation.

The epicentre of the Dutch Hip Hop scene

We have remained true to our roots, to the surroundings and people that fed our spirit and made us who we are today. Hence our location in the Bijlmer — the Mecca of Dutch Hip Hop — where we grew up and which will forever be our home.

What we do

Campaign strategy
We create customised album launch strategies
Album cover design
We design artwork and music packaging that turns albums into collector’s items
Promotional content
We create all supplementary promotion content, such as social media posts, newsletters, etc. We think along and advise
Brand strategy and advice
We provide advice on making a greater impact
Making great music is cool. Grabbing people’s attention is a must.
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