Cablai was founded in 2010 as a design agency but recently evolved into a music promotion agency.

We realized that it was the music-related assignments that inspired our best work and fed our spirit. At the same time, we’d grown tired of seeing instantly forgettable artwork and the same old marketing tricks being used to launch albums that deserved better. So we made it our mission to pour all our passion into helping artists with their branding and visual presentation. Cablai is run by Karim Khamis & George Adegite.

Collector’s items are the only medium that music lovers want to pay for.

No lame gimmicks or weak-ass campaigns that turn off your fans. Leave that to tired label and marketing execs who no longer understand how to connect with the music fans of today. The same ones who took the downward trend in CD sales to mean that people no longer wanted to buy music. These suits never understood why people bought music in the first place. It was never just about the physical product. CDs were merely a gateway to an experience.

Pioneering is how we excel.

Distinctiveness is the key to music discovery, especially in today’s landscape in which everyone is simply copying everyone else. It’s YOU versus a MILLION artists. So stop using the same tricks. Our goal with each album is thus to create something so disruptive that it becomes undeniable. So we don’t just design albums, we design collector items. And our disruptive campaigns make sure that they are seen, as such.


Campaign strategy

Launching an album takes foresight. It's not only about the medium, but about what goals you want to achieve.

Album design

We specialize in artwork and music packaging that turns albums into collector’s items.

Promotional content

Creating supplementary promotion content, such as social media posts, newsletters, etc. We think along and improve your reach.

Project management

Clear creative direction opens up the possibilities and keeps a project cohesive and manageable.


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Olivier Bangi
DJ Rowstone

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