How we work on music projects

By creating each artist’s brand image around what makes them unique

The most successful artists have always understood that success is about more than making great music, and that an artist’s brand image is as crucial as their art. But how do you create a brand image?

Cablai developed the Kabang method for this exact purpose. This method involves a series of workshops in which we work with artists to identify the essence of their act and music. We use this to create a clearly defined image to guide them in everything they do, from their visual style, album artwork, website design and social media posts to which sponsorships they accept.

By identifying the most visually impactful expressions of the artist and their music

The art of packaging an album isn’t just about the design or material of the package. The very experience of your music begins with your image and the vibe you give out even before your audience hears your music. Thus, packaging an album is packaging an experience, and it is an essential part of music promotion and of reinforcing your brand. It’s a reflection of your style as much as your music and is vital for connecting with your fans.

Check out our case studies to see how we’ve used packaging to turn our client’s albums into attention-grabbing collector’s items.

By getting your music to the right audience

There are several platforms for distributing music independently. SoundCloud, Bandcamp, CD Baby, etc. But distribution isn’t marketing, so simply uploading your music is not enough. You need to know how to get your audience to your music. We help artists locate their audience, choose the most effective media for reaching them, and create the social media messages and promotional material necessary to grab their attention both online and offline.

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Your creative gurus

Cablai is run by Karim and George, whose individual expertise makes for a powerful combination.The pair jointly oversee a flexible creative team whose composition they determine on the basis of each assignment.

Karim Khamis

Co-founder/Creative Director

The first album Karim bought as a kid was Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg. He remembers it vividly because he was so enraptured by the way the artwork and the music complemented one another, and totally blown away by the audacity and explicit raunchiness of the entire package. The potency of that combination remains the touchstone of design for him today. Karim is a strategic and abstract thinker who considers the little details as important as the creative idea. And yes, he’s something of a perfectionist.

George Adegite

Co-founder/Art Director

“It was raining money!” hollered George’s brother excitedly, handing George one of the dollar bills that 50 Cents had showered his fans with at the concert George’s brother had just returned from. The power of this simple, fitting and memorable idea struck an immediate chord with George, and set a benchmark that he strives to surpass with each new assignment. Driven by curiosity, enthusiasm and a keen imagination, George lives to bring ideas to life in the most creative ways possible.

Making great music is cool. Grabbing people’s attention is a must.
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