What we did

We’ve designed for Turbulence in the past and know his music well. So we imagined what a concept album inspired by his stage name would look like.

A journey through multiple dimensions

Turbulence’s music tends to dissolve the barriers between past, present and future, and the experience of listening to his work is often transformative. Suddenly you’re floating through the universe, our world coming into greater focus the further away the music takes you. It is at once disorienting and enlightening. We set out to capture this visually.

A fever dream of colour

The abstract art illustration we produced is not only as memorable as the experience of Turbulence’s music, but also vivid enough to grab attention from afar. Here we see its use as cover art and as promotional posters, but the work easily lends itself to multiple uses.

Arresting posters that generate interest

The name “Turbulence” is a statement in itself, and a bold and memorable one at that. You know you’re in for something different even if you’ve never heard the guy’s music. The posters are similarly in your face. You just know the music they’re promoting is going to be a blast. And once that feeling’s been evoked, there’s no way you’re not going to check out the music.

We always start with the music

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