What we did

In the past we’ve designed for Turbulence and we now took that design as the basis for this new work. We imagined what it would be like to design the self-titled album 'Turbulence' and turned it into reality.

A multi-dimensional storm of shivering music

Turbulence’s sound grabs your soul. His voice penetrates hearts and moves the listener trough different dimensions. When you close your eyes whilst playing the music, visions arise. Suddenly you’re floating through the universe and the world becomes clearer than it was before. Turbulence combines the past, present and future in his work and gives you a transformative experience. This feeling, this power is what we tried to capture in the artwork.

A bright color spectrum

The illustration can be used in different ways. Here it’s used as the artwork for the album cover and in a poster campaign. It’s bright color spectrum grabs your attention instantly - even from afar.

Posters that urge you to discover

Turbulence is out there, only the spelling of his name is enough for you to remember him. Therefore these posters make a statement. Not by words, but in their presence. When seeing them you know what you have to do: Discover the music.

We always start with the music

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Making great music is one thing. Turning it into an art piece is just as important.
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